Feb 10, 2008

Our House of Bricks is Still Standing...

We had my sister's four kids over to spell my mom off while the parents were out of town. It ended up being a sleepover after sis called and wasn't going to be back until today sometime.
It's been a change in routine and I'm going from room to room in a daze. Hunter and Mason have been playing hard and leaking stool at the same time. So everwhere I go I smell poop. Drives me nuts! I've given them their poopy meds (Miralax) and now we wait for it to work. Their cousins are pretty patient with them and the smells. It's weird, sometimes it just flares up. Hunter peed the bed again, apparently unaware of any ictal sensation.

I did not give Hunter his Concerta yesterday to see if it was contributing to his obsessiveness and tic behavior. It's hard to tell now since we have had the cousins over--with the change in routine and all. I'll have to try again next weekend. I did notice Hunter was extremely hyper--going from one activity to the next, his mind racing--and he couldn't wind down at night without the aid of Melatonin.

Ryder has been pretty good considering the extra noise and people around. He was screaming at 3:30 in the morning until 5am with stomach pain and gas. I am at my wits end with his stomach pains. We've done everything I can think of except the last resort--and that is seeing a biomedical doctor in Provo, Utah. Medicaid won't pay for that though. I'll call his local pediatrician and inform him that the amoxicillin helped a little, but he has still had occasional gas pain and he also threw up while on it and had diarrhea. It could have been a viral bug--I bet that's what it was--because Hunter threw up one night too. Then he was fine afterwards. The other kids didn't catch it, which then it makes you wonder if seizures have anything to do with it. The only time Hunter and Ryder have ever thrown up has been during their sleep. What does that tell you? Seizures? It's frustrating.

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