Feb 8, 2008

Seizures today

Here I am at 9:30 at night blogging. I met with Hunter's PSR worker this afternoon, like I always do on Fridays and we had our consultation time. She's amazed how Hunter can remember things like birthdays and cities and different facts but he can't remember his multiplication facts from one day to the next.

About 20 minutes ago I saw Hunter in the kitchen drawing on the chalkboard a bar graph of the "Miss Hairspray" pageant winners. He was standing in a puddle of water and his pants were all wet. He said he just peed his pants and he doesn't even know why. I asked him some more questions and I guess he blanked out for a few seconds (complex partial seizure). He has been twirling his hair quite a bit in front and there is a big bald spot now. He cannot stop. (Tourette's). He said he blanked out while twirling his hair and peed. I'm thinking that maybe this morning at school there was more than one reason he became incontinent. Yes, he doesn't raise his hand to tell the teacher he has to go, but if he had a seizure, he wouldn't know until it is to late! I don't think this Lamictal works. He is on 100mg now and it has taken 8 weeks to get up to that dose. I've got to get some sleep.

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