Feb 11, 2008

I hesitated to take Ryder to school today because he was awake at 4am with gas pains again. After awhile, he seemed to calm down and he was happy while the rest of the kids got ready for school, so I took him too.

I waited in the school parking lot for about 15 minutes after I had taken him inside. Good thing I did because-sure enough-his teacher called and said he was screaming and posturing (doubled over pressing his abdomen on the table). By the time I got inside, he had found some jingle bells and was distracted enough to stop crying. I took him home anyway.

I made an appt with his pediatrician for tomorrow morning. We'll see what happens. If he was doing so much better being on amoxicillin, then I wonder if he needs a stronger antibiotic or a profilactment treatment. He is really bloated again and in pain.

At the dietician's this afternoon, he weighed 33 pounds so there isn't a worry anymore about his weight loss. I really think that he has an overgrowth of bacteria in his colon because his appetite is alot better now after the course of amoxicillin. Of course, I'm just guessing. I wish I had all of the answers. Being a detective is something that I only wanted to be when I was eight years old.

I picked the kids up from school and off we went to Speech therapy. Hunter freaked out because he had forgotten to bring a change of clothes. (He can't stand his school uniform) I did not give him his Concerta this morning because of the increased obsessiveness and tic behavior. He is bald on one side of his head now from constantly twirling his hair--and using a pencil to rub his scalp. As a result, he has dark pencil marks on his bald spot. I will be calling the psychiatrist to figure out what to do next. Maybe he needs a different med for the ADHD. He needs something for his hyperness because he cannot concentrate in school and he drives everyone absolutely batty without it. This behavior kind of snuck up on us. Now I am reminded of the Hunter before medication.

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