Feb 18, 2008


I am so frustrated with the medical community. What am I supposed to do with Ryder's stomach pains? It grates on my nerves when he constantly screams and is agitated, irritable, and he himself is frustrated. A 4 year old shouldn't have to be in pain like this.

Yesterday I noticed that he had started grinding his teeth again. He holds alot of tension in his jaw and he starts grinding. I'm used to it now, but that's a great way to have people in public comment or stare or walk away briskly. The sound is not very welcoming. He has broken so many pencils, pens, CD's, DVD's--you name it--because of this overwhelming urge to chew and bite down. He even chews up the chew toys that his therapists give him; within a day. I remember a long time ago his speech therapist told me that we hold alot of tension in our jaw, and our jaw is our strongest muscle. My finger can attest to that.

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