Feb 20, 2008

The Rabbit and the Bull

I had a thought today, but now I can't remember what it was. I guess I'll just give an update.

This morning Hunter woke up soaking wet and I asked him if he wet the bed. He said, "No, I sweat the bed!" This happens quite often. I can't wait until our appt with the new pediatric neurologist--the end of March. Could be seizure related. Poor Mason. If Hunter "sweats" his bed, he climbs in Mason's bed. Then Mason wakes up wondering why he is all wet.

The kids are all getting tired of Hunter's relentless Hairspray dancing and video playing. In fact, I saw Mason getting into my dresser drawer where I hide the gum, and I thought he was sneaking some. When I went to look inside, I noticed he had confiscated the Hairspray DVD and hidden it in my drawer. He must have grabbed it when the unsuspecting Hunter was distracted. I have yet to hear a complaint from Hunter though, who is now drawing Hairspray kids on the blackboard in the kitchen.

I talked to the psychiatrist who suggested we try Straterra. I'm not sure if that will work because when Bill tried it several years ago it made him too focused and obsessive. I remember that he organized all of our videos and DVDs in alphabetical order, right down to the genre, rating, actors, etc. All I can do is heave a huge sigh. I sometimes think life would have been alot easier for them if they lived 100 years ago when life was slower and you lived off the land. But then again, I could see Hunter becomming obsessed with digging a cellar in case a twister came. He still thinks life 100 years ago was in black and white and Aunt Em was a real person.

Mason had his first basketball game and he did a really good job. He made several baskets and you could see the pride creep into his face. During the game as Mason was running up and down the court, Hunter asked him, "Do-you-want-to-get-a-milkshake?" To which Mason replied out of breath, "I'm a little busy right now, Hunter!".

Kinda like Bugs Bunny asking for directions and the bull is right there.

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