Feb 13, 2008

Shave and a Haircut

I guess it's official...I have a cold. I've been a little more tired than usual, and I especially notice how taxing my life is when I am under the weather.
Tonite is grooming and hygiene night. I cut Ryder's hair with Bill's help to hold him still. Then off to the showers go the kids. Next comes the cutting of the toenails and fingernails, cleaning out the ears with Q-tips, and applying eye drops to the pink-eye-affected-children. Mason is so ticklish that cutting his toenails turns into some sort of hysterical site ahead. He needs some added help because of his gross/fine motor and coordination difficulties. Then the meds need to be administered, clothes picked out for school tomorrow...etc. etc.
Oh great. I just heard the words in a William Shatner voice: "Mom--need..some..help..with... bum." I will continue this saga later.

I'm back. I'll spare the details.

Yesterday I took Ryder to his pediatrician and discussed his tummy again. He gave him a script for acid reflux to see if that would help. Also a script for some stool studies, and finally a blood draw to rule out celiac disease. (Again). His BM's are so foul smelling that I actually got nauseas alone with him in the room the other day. I have a strong constitution normally, ...but it was hanging by a thread! We'll see what turns up.

I met with Hunter's new counseler today. It will be nice for him to meet with a fellow guy. He fits our family well and loves 'The Office' too. He is a jovial man and I could tell this will be fun for Hunter once he warms up to him. Hunter kept having this grin sneak up on him when we met, so I know this will be a great match.

Mason is bugging me to let him on the computer, so I'll close for now.

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