Mar 18, 2008

White slips, fat girls, and off days

I woke up this morning and I could tell it was going to be an "off" day. It's just a feeling I get. I tried to wake Ryder up for school and he looked really out of it. So I decided to let him stay home, thinking that his stomach was upset. He fell back to sleep. He slept until 10, then I tried to wake him up again to make sure that he didn't have a fever, or was sick in some way. His eyes were buggy and he was staring off. I realized he'd had a seizure. He fell asleep again and slept until noon. I got him up and he was pretty cranky. He drank 2 glasses of water and ate a granola bar. At 2pm he went down for a nap and slept until 3pm. He has been very quiet and his sounds are gone. He is not making any of his usual stimmy sounds and he is just laying around. It must have been a bad one. I wonder if he has a headache. I wish he could talk. I feel like I need to be a clairvoyent or something.

Bill called after he picked up Hunter and Mason from school to take them to speech. He told me that Mason got in trouble at school and almost got a "white slip". The politically correct word for this is "disciplinary referral" according to Mercedes. What has this world come to?! That reminds me--on doctor's notes they put that I am a "well-nourished female". Now let me tell you, I would rather be called "fat girl" than "well-nourished female" anyday!!! Being called a "fat girl" is more intimidating than "well-nourished female"! I say to the world--just call it like it is! Ok, back to my, Mason apparently choked a kid in a joking way, but the kid took it seriously, and rightfully so. Then later that day he yelled at some other kid. It's about this age (7) when you begin to notice the PDD-NOS more. I still won't know the full story until parent teacher conference on Friday. Mason won't talk about it.
It seems to me that every year at about this time--kids and teachers are sick of school. It's time for Spring Break.

After 17 hours, Ryder started making sounds again and started sounding back to normal. He was drinking and eating like a horse. It took alot out of him.

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