Mar 14, 2008

Concussions & Corn

The other day Bill was bending over to pick up some garbage in the pantry, and when he came back up he hit his head on the fire extinguisher. All it takes is a little bonk and he's been really out of it for three days with a concussion. This makes 7 or 8 now. I think it gets worse with each one. He's been sleeping ALOT and it's hard for him to concentrate and form his words correctly. I hope he'll be able to catch up on his schoolwork.

I had an apiphany today. And that is...I don't know how to spell epiphany. Is that better?
Actually, as I was driving along (great time to think) I thought of Hunter and how his behavior gets worse after he eats popcorn. I know it sounds strange, but I bet he has a sensitivity to corn products. He absolutely loves popcorn, corn, and anything with corn syrup in it. Am I onto something here? He had popcorn last night, and this morning he was so wired, hyper, quarrelsome, darting around, squealing, and bothering everyone. I'll have to try an experiment.
Remove all corn products for awhile, then add them back in slowly.

We are getting excited for Spring Break. We are going on a little family trip to see Shoshoni Falls, go to a planetarium, stay in a hotel and go swimming, etc. It's been quite awhile since we went anywhere for fun without combining a dr's appointment with it.

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