Mar 10, 2008

What's black is black; what's white is white

We were sitting in the foyer at church yesterday since Ryder freaked out when we went into the chapel. Hunter kept asking Bill for some gum. Bill told him to be reverent and then we'll see. So, after 10 minutes, Bill leaned over to Hunter and said, "I smell some gum coming..."
Hunter exclaimed, "It wasn't me!" :0)

I've noticed more and more lately how Hunter takes everything so literal. Everything is either black or white; no gray areas whatsoever. It must be easier to notice since he's almost 9 years old. It wasn't as obvious when he was younger, because little kids think that way anyway. But now, the gap is widening away from his peers. It's sad to see.

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Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!