Mar 5, 2008

A Freak Incident?

A new realization for me has been that there are people out in the world that do not have a capacity for understanding. To fully understand someone or something is a talent. Or should I say--a gift. I think there are people that try, but it is beyond their ability to fully comprehend. I suppose that is where the saying "Never judge someone until you've walked in their shoes..." comes from.

I looked in Mason's backpack today and saw a "guided letter of apology" written by a classmate who punched Mason in the back of the neck several weeks ago. It must not have been a big deal, because I didn't hear from the teacher about the incident. Mason, sure as heck, didn't say anything about it. But then again, he doesn't. His expressive language is poor. He's also the type to hold feelings in--until they explode. He also doesn't want to make waves and get "friends" in trouble. I hope this is just a freak occurance and that he is not being targeted by bullies. I will monitor this. Or my name isn't Super-Mom-to-the-rescue!! :)

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