Mar 2, 2008


Friday, Hunter forgot to take his Concerta and by the end of the day he was out of control. He was obnoxious, fighting, using poor judgment, flying around the house getting into things, you name it. I was in no mood--for at the end of the week, I was tired! Ethan came over to play with Mason and, as always, Hunter didn't know how to fit in, got irritated, then everything escalates. I decided to take him out for a drive. But, before doing so, I quickly grabbed some Melatonin and gave it to him. Then we drove to the car wash and DQ for an ice-cream cone. By the time we got home he had calmed down and was ready for bed. He promptly fell asleep on my bed at 8pm. Just after midnight, Hunter peed the bed--MY BED! He fumbled his way downstairs to his own bed. I was too tired to do anything about it. I was just glad my side wasn't wet. A few hours after that, Bill came to bed. I heard him being sneaky. (He tries not to wake me up) Should I tell him that Hunter wet all over? Ahhhh, come on. No matter, Bill was too tired to notice.
This coming week is the appt with the psychiatrist. I've been slowly decreasing the Lamictal. It's not doing any good, just making things worse. His obsessive-compulsive behavior and tics are unbelievable. Next, we'll work on the Concerta. One thing at a time. He has more bald spots now and a big blue ink spot on his scalp from "rubbing" the pen consistantly in the same place, twirling his hair. We've been trying to redirect him, but to no avail.

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