Mar 8, 2008

Red = Brown

The other day we met with the psychiatrist and discussed the medications. No changes for now. I will be trying to get a hold of the new neurologist to decrease the Lamictal. (I already have--he's on 50mg am and pm.) He's not so wacked right now. He is still having wetting accidents at night. His OC tic/stim is still present but not as bad.

Ryder had some Swedish fish today. When he woke up from his nap, his face was splotchy and his left ear was red. I forgot about the red dye that he is sensitive to in Swedish fish. He was not hungry for dinner. I gave him a bath and let him play in the water. I then asked Bill if he would get him out of the tub. The next thing I heard Bill ask me was, "Did you do that on purpose?" I didn't know what he was talking about but soon discovered a brown bathtub with brown floaties. Oh Great! Ryder definitely felt better after that.

The article about Mercedes and the community service project came out today in the Family Living issue. It was pretty good. I should have worn all dark clothing for the picture to try and blend into the background, but too late now. :0) I hope alot of people show up. For those of you who are interested: Autism Awareness Luncheon at Golden Corral April 12th at noon, Pocatello, Idaho. Bring anyone who is affected by autism and their families, or anyone interested in supporting us. Should be fun.

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Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!