Jan 25, 2009


We decided with the psychiatrist to switch Hunter to Strattera instead of Concerta to see if that would help his trichotillomania. Sometimes Concerta can exacerbate the symptoms. We did this during Winter Break and all seemed to be going ok, until school started and we noticed the anxiety building back up in him. Eventually we noticed that he was just like he was before he was on any medication three years ago. He was hyper, squealing, running around getting into things, touching everything in sight. If he walked by you he couldn’t help but reach out and poke you or get into your face and laugh this high-pitched obnoxious giggle. The house looked like the Tasmanian Devil came through it. He started saying things that were inappropriate and he didn’t make any sense. His judgment was off. It seemed as if his mind would get stuck in hyperdrive and he had no inhibitions whatsoever. You know it’s bad when Mason gets upset. He’s generally really laid back. So, after we realized this, back on the Concerta he went. The problem with Concerta is that it wears off by the time he gets home from school. So the school gets the good Hunter, and we get the Tasmanian Devil.

We love him regardless, but it does make for a long day. I’m just glad we’re getting our Hunter back.

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  1. Dropped in from Cazdok's. You've got a beautiful family and I love Hunter's art work. He really has an eye for a well balanced composition and strong line work. I'll be back for more.




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!