Jan 22, 2009


It had only been 1.5 hours since I had been gone. I took Mercedes to Utah for her check-up with her rheumatologist when the phone rang. It was Bill. He was happy to tell me that he was able to get Mason to go to a birthday party that he was invited to. Before I left, I tried everything I could think of to coax Mason to go to the party. He just kept saying that there were just too many parties lately, and he was tired of going to them. I decided to let it go, because I had to leave. So when Bill called, he explained that he was able to get Mason out the door with the gift in his hand. "Maybe I'll just stay for cake, then come home" Mason stated.

They got into our 19 year old Honda, and Bill drove Mason to the party just up the hill behind our house. Bill walked him to the door then returned to the car only to find that he had inadvertently locked the door while the engine was running. I had the only other key-- but was 90 miles away. Bill ran back down the block, down the hill to our house to get a wire hanger. On his way back, I guess he had a brilliant idea and he ran over to the fire department which just happens to be across the highway from our home. He rang the doorbell and the firemen answered. He asked them if they had ever broken into a car before, and since they were bored and there weren't any fires to speak of, they decided to give it a shot. They grabbed some tools and their lucky hatchet, then told Bill to climb aboard the FIRE TRUCK! (What?!) Off they went up the hill to rescue our little Honda. After some time, they were able to get the door open with the hatchet, and Asperger Bill had saved the day!

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