Apr 8, 2008


You'd think that having a total of six telephones plus two cell phones in a house, it would be easy for one of the kids to pick it up and answer. Nope.

A year ago, I bought one of those satellite phone sets and distributed them all over the house. I thought this would make it easier for everyone to find a phone and answer it if it rang. Then I realized the problem. The kids do not like to talk on the phone. What? What is this, you say? I know, I know, I've never heard of that before either. Here are some reasons why:

1. Too anxious, it could be a stranger

2. Too distracted to hear it ring

3. Auditory processing is slow

4. Don't know what to say

5. Poor social skills

6. Ryder thinks it is a video game

7. Ryder dropped phone in toilet

8. Doesn't work in certain rooms

9. Why should I? It's not for me.

10. It's Newby (Bill's friend that calls all of the time to talk basketball)

One day, the phone rang. I noticed it was my nephew, Ethan, who was undoubtedly calling to talk to Mason. I answered, and then handed it to Mason explaining who it was. This is how it went:

Mason: "What are you going to say to me?"

Poor Ethan: "What?"

Mason: "What are you going to say to me on the phone?"

Poor Ethan: "Do you want to play?"

Mason: "I can't, I'm talking to you on the phone."

So, the moral of this story is, if you ever try to call and we don't answer, you can guarantee that we are in a dizzy aray of trying to figure out whose turn it is to first-- find the phone, second--pick it up, third--answer it and get on with life. It is not the end of the world. For Hunter, it may as well be. One day he dialed 911 and moments later we enjoyed a friendly visit with a police officer. But that's another story for a different day.

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