Apr 27, 2008


Today, Ryder's explorations took him outside in the backyard, and into the pond. I'll be saying prayers of thanks forever because just yesterday we pumped the pond water out. What was left was slimy, stinky algae with a bit of water. I know the Lord watches over these children.

Bill was inside helping Mason with his homework, while I was busy clearing papers and going over the schedule for the week. We left the back door open to enjoy the warm weather. I knew Hunter was outside--and he always takes care of Ryder--but what I failed to notice was that Hunter was chatting with the cute neighbor girl (who is visiting her grandmother) across the fence. If you look carefully you'll see Hunter in the background. I'll be busy getting my exercise this summer, for sure.

Yesterday I found Ryder standing IN the kitchen sink looking out the window. I wonder what goes on in that mind of his. I can see the older he gets we will have to attach a tracking device on him.


  1. Wow! I'm glad Ryder was okay (I bet he was as happy as could be getting to explore in all that mud!). We've had lots of rain here and it's been a challenge keeping the kids out of all the muddy puddles.

  2. One time we took both boys to the creek.We like to throw rocks and be outside with nature.Josh(autie) saw the water and just ran towards it.I luckly ran behind.He had no idea of depth or idea of what would or could happen.He went straight down and I was in seconds later up to my bottom.It was over his head.I pulled him up and out so fast he didnt have a chance to suck in water.Because of that I fear even having a swimming pool.Glad every thing turned out good.He does look pretty cute with the muck on him though:)




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!