Jun 28, 2009


Mason, age 8, is the newest member of the anxiety/phobia club in the family. I noticed about 9 months ago that he seemed awfully jumpy around insects. Especially the flying kind. I was hoping it wouldn't develp into anything, but after this past week, I will seriously consider medicating this child if we ever go outside again.

A week ago Mason was outside playing and got stung by a bee. He screamed, flailed, and had a total freak-out experience. We got him situated and bandaged up, etc. The day after, his bee sting had spread out around the bite and was swollen, hot, and tight. I drew with a Sharpie on it to make sure it wouldn't spread anymore, and then I called the pediatrician. He had a bit of a delayed reaction he said. The dr also said it would be ok if he went on the first-ever camping trip that was planned for the next day with his dad, brother and grandpa.

I know... you can see what's coming can't you?

Well, long story short...They made it for several days and decided to come home early because of Mason. Mason was horrified because of a bee that flew in through the car window. He screamed, jumped out of the seatbelt, and lunged for cover behind Hunter, and in this process he got his legs tangled up in the seatbelt. More flailing ensued, I was told.

By the time he arrived home he had a rash all over his body--which Bill thought were insect bites, but it was clearly a rash. (Maybe from anxiety??) Mason was very jumpy and kept turning his head real fast as if he was looking for a bumble bee. He kept swatting himself. He asked me why he keeps hearing a buzzing sound in his ears when there were no bees around. This was very concerning to me.

Mercedes has a phobia of spiders which started around eight years old. Therapy and a small bit of Prozac has really helped her. Bill has a phobia of grasshoppers. If I let myself, I can freak out with mice. But I'm usually in check. :) Hunter has anxiety with just about everything loud and intense, especially movies. Also, dead birds. Whats up with the animal kingdom?

I was hoping just one kid of ours would not have to take anti-anxiety meds. Mason was my best bet. I need to talk to the psych dr, and as luck would have it, Mason actually has an appt with him tomorrow. Deep Sigh.

Anyone else have any phobias??


  1. I have the bee one. I have never associated it with my Aspbergers, but maybe so. I am really really irrationaly afraid. Screaming jumping, sewating shaking - the whole nine yards. That and Thunder.

  2. Poor guy - how traumatic! My youngest son "Bitty" is terrified of flies. Not sure why, but anytime he hears one buzzing he starts freaking out.

    I can understand Mason's fear - I was stung by a wasp once at camp (and found out the hard way that I'm allergic) and since it happened in the shower I was terrified to go anywhere near the showers after that. I forced myself because I couldn't avoid taking a shower... but my heart was pounding so hard the entire time I was in there and even by the end of the week I was still fighting panic every time I went in there.

    Hopefully as the memory of his bee sting fades, he'll experience less of a phobia.




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