Jul 12, 2009


My blog has taken a seat on the back of the bus lately. I've been so busy this summer, having kids home, starting up developmental therapy for two of the kids, and being the secretary of the Idaho Autism Community, that I haven't had time for much else. And I really like my little blog. :) Hopefully when school starts up again I will have a little free time to do this.

Mercedes just got back from Girl's Camp. It's nice to see her mature and do better at camp...previous years have been hard for her. I still can't believe she'll be in high school in one short month! That is messed up.

Hunter is maturing too. He hates the fact that he NEEDS to wear deodorant and I remind him all of the time. His hair on his arms is getting long and he's freaking out because he does NOT want to be hairy like his part-Italian dad. (Actually, Hunter's hair on his arms is due to his developmental challenges...at least that is what the dr said... I guess kids with dev.delay often have abnormal hair growth...) Hunter uses my cordless shaver to shave it off.

He is constantly wanting to get on the computer to look up maps and then he draws them. Over and over and over and over.

Mason is getting so big. His feet are now bigger than mine, and he is 8 years old!! He is five feet tall. He and Hunter go to their special needs gym class, and he is like one of those giants in fairy tales that can barely move. The picture above is Mason coming off conquerer.

Ryder continues to have gut pain. We cannot afford to take him to Thoughtful House yet, but saving up. Medicaid won't pay for his blood work and labs that need to be done before we can go, so that is a real barrier for us. He is a fun guy except for when he is in pain. Then we all feel it.


  1. Sounds like things are going well, I sorry about Ryder, I hope things get better for him.

    Being out of school throws everything off! I got D.J. in summer school so hopefully we'll get some stability around here, if not I'm going to run away from home!

  2. Nicole says "hi".She told me to check out your blog. you guys are our heros




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!