Jun 10, 2009


We've been trying to adjust to this summer schedule and it has done a number on us. Hopefully the kids will get into the sync of things soon.

I haven't had much time to post things of a personal nature--but here is the latest:

I am the secretary of the recently formed Idaho Autism Community in our area. That keeps me busy. We have some events planned and we hope lots of people show up.

I've been fighting with the doctor to order some labs for Ryder so we can get him to Thoughtful House, but it's a no-go for now. In the meantime, we save money and I come up with a different approach. We see him in a couple of days...

Ryder has been having some bad days lately, and I know he's been finding gluten. I caught him with a chocolate Zinger all over him. The following day he whacked a package of animal crackers open and gobbled them up. It's been hard having the kids home because they will leave food out and Ryder will have free reign. We're trying--again--to teach them to "be aware".

To our amazement, we discovered Ryder can turn the bathtub faucet on when he decides to take a bath. Unfortunately, he does not discriminate between hot and cold, and now he has first degree burns on his lower half.

Mercedes is on the swim team this summer, so she swims for three hours a day, Monday-Saturdays. She thinks we've sent her to swimming boot camp.

Hunter has been very quiet lately. He's been in his own world now that summer is here. He just fixates on maps, telephone books, MapQuest, GPS's, and drawing his own maps.

Mason is obsessed with video games, so I've had to LIMIT him A LOT. I've had to limit his father, too! What a bunch of amoebas when they're together!

Picture: ***Ryder fell asleep with a cup in his mouth. **:)


  1. I am bracing myself for the summer routine change. I don't like changes in my routine. My son is in summer school as always but my daughter will be home all day and I will have to stay up late to get any alone time. I am trying to come up with some activities that my daughter and I can do together. We certainly have enough craft supplies, video games and what not to do things together. I just have to get in that mode of being around someone all day. I hope I can enjoy my time with her because she is a great kid. I just like being in my own world : ) Good luck with your new schedule!

  2. Sweet pic!!

    I have a feeling when Woodjie is older we'll have some of those food issues, too. Thankfully he hates ice cream, because he's allergic to milk and eggs.

  3. lol, ahh summer, it get us all!! I know what you mean about the Video game (and limiting Dad too).

    Summer brings so much change, even though i home school still things are different. Its almost overwhelming at times..

    Gluten I have learned my lesson there...no more ever!!!




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!