Mar 3, 2009


I have some rough draft posts that are just left there in my "Edit Posts" page. I thought I'd publish them here, even though they are old. Enjoy!

2/23/09--Mason: "Mom, you don't know everything, you know. You are not Santa Claus!"

2/17/09--I'm celebrating ONE YEAR of blogging this month. Also, we are celebrating 3 YEARS of being in our wonderful home, and next week, we celebrate Bill turning the big 40. I'm not old enough to be married to a 40 year old.

Bill always wants a "Hobbit" party. According to Bill, hobbit parties are backward. The birthday boy gives gifts to everyone that comes to his party. The birthday boy doesn't receive gifts. Now, I have to figure out what to give everyone. Oh! The complications of being married to an Aspie...

2/13/09--I'm trying hard to be introspective, but I've had writer's block for awhile. Today was the kid's speech festival at school. They all did really well, considering two have Speech IEP's. I bought them a little valentine cookie with a "Good job" saying (unfinished...)


This morning: I told Bill the plan for the day and it went like this:

Me: "Mason has a doctor's appointment this morning before school. Will you watch Ryder while I take him?"

Bill: " Yeah."

Me: "...Then I have a haircut at 2:30, I'll pick up the kids at 3:15, then Mason has Scouts at 4:30, then Hunter and Mason have gymnastics at 6:00pm..."

Bill: "Ok, so are you taking Mason to the doctor? "

Me: (Impatiently) "Yes, I just said he has a doctor's appointment!"

Bill: "Well I didn't want to assume anything!"

It seems like our conversations are always weird. I talk to him like he's a fellow female, and he is always needing clarification and over-explainations. I have many more where that came from.

Here's one:

One time I asked Bill to throw the leaves over the fence (there was a huge garbage container there) and the next thing I knew, he had thrown them literally--over the fence-- onto the ground.

Lots of literal stuff, I tell you.

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  1. LOL on the Santa Claus and have the funniest stories!




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!