Oct 5, 2008


I have been waiting for Ryder's birthday for a long time. When we found out he had autism, I told myself to give it until his 5th birthday--to push really hard with therapies and dr appointments, etc. I feel like I have done everything within my power to help him. Now it is time to "Let go, and let God".

Ryder doesn't show much emotion, but he did show a side to him on his birthday that I have never seen before. It was a wonderful birthday present to me on his special day.

We decided to take the kids to a park that we had never been to before. When we arrived, the kids exploded out of the van and ran to the swings. I hoisted Ryder up into the toddler swing and started pushing him. I must have pushed him too high, because he actually spoke. He wasn't too happy, but he said, "Mama--Noooo Noooo--Mama!" I was stunned. I quickly stopped pushing him and got him out of the swing. (I had to squelch the desire to push him even higher just to hear him speak again!) I took him over to a blanket that we had spread out on the ground. I had my camera and started taking some pictures. He was so attentive and alert, it was wonderful to see this side of him. I said, "Smile for the camera!" and he kept giving these cheesy smiles. Everytime we would put the camera in front of his face, he would smile.

He was happy on this day. And so were we.

These are moments that are so cherished and so rare.


  1. Happy Birthday Ryder!!!

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday all round!! Love the happy photos. :)

  2. Hello! Casdok sent me by to meet your family. I'm so glad I did. I also have two children diagnosed on the spectrum and a third who almost certainly is more debilitated than the other two. However, he hasn't reached his second birthday yet and I haven't rushed for a diagnosis.

    You know, the one word J does say consistently is "nigh-nigh." I hate putting the kid to bed because he jumps all over the place before falling asleep, but I love the time JUST BEFORE bedtime. We can say nigh-nigh to each other for a while and it's almost like having a conversation.




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!