Sep 22, 2008


I went with my sister down to Layton, Utah where my baby sister just had her first baby. But, before I left, I wrote down everything that needed to be done for Bill to take care of the kids and get them to bed, fed, school, meds, lunches made, orthodontist, etc. I was only going to be gone for 24 hours. I hesitate to proceed in my blogging at this time because I am so flaberghasted I don't know if I have anything nice to say!

Well, I did have a good time. That is something. It was fun to hold a newborn babe with thick black hair and a bow on top. (Madalyn Mae, cute as can be) I was able to spend the night in a hotel with my sis and we had a good night's rest. That is something. We ate out, that is something. And we traveled home.

On the way, I decided to phone Bill and see how everything was going. He had gotten everything ready for school the night before, like picking out their uniforms and making sack lunches. Ok, I thought, that was something. Now, for the frustrating part: He didn't wake up until 8am, decided that it was too late to take the kids to school, so they should just stay home. According to Mercedes he slept until 11am, then ate breakfast, took a dump for 1 hour, then got on the computer! What?! So, by the time I got home, two kids were still in their pajamas (it was 3pm) and they were all playing video games. When they saw me they were all hungry, and hadn't eaten lunch yet. I'm not trying to get my husband in trouble here, and yes, he did hear from me, boy, howdy...but what I'm trying to get across is that the Asperger mind is very different...He didn't even THINK about calling the school or me, or take the kids to school a little late, even...he figured that they would have to miss the whole day of school since they were late. (???) I shudder to think what this teaches the kids. No wonder breaks are few and far between.

He's seen the error of his ways, I must admit. Now he is doing "double time" and cleaning, bathing the kids, etc. Well, that is something.

What annoys me to no end is when people think he is "normal" or "neurotypical", and expect alot out of him, like a regular guy, but then he doesn't live up to their expectations and he is then viewed as "lazy", "irresponsible", or just plain "doesn't care". Story of his life. And here I am doing the same thing. I need to remember that.


  1. Oh dear. But had to laugh! What are men like!!

  2. I use lists for my boys constantly. I'm sure it's unnerving for visitors to see the post-it notes near the tub reminding bathers to wash their knees, feet and butt, but so be it.

    Hey, at least it gets done.





Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!