Jun 24, 2008

Alternate Routes are OK

My father-in-law called early this morning after he woke from a nightmare about Bill. In the dream Bill was drowning and calling out for help.

To interject: Today was the day that Bill was going to go in and talk to his instructors about his missing class all of last week (back injury again) and not being able to catch up on assignments (learning disorder and Asperger's Syndrome). Bill was sure the instructors would counsel him to drop out because this is a very complicated and fast paced computer programming course.

Both of us had a hard time sleeping last night. I've seen this before. This is Bill's cycle.

Thankfully, his Dad came right over (he lives a mile away) with my Mother-in-law and they brought over breakfast and encouragement. My Mom-in-law brought flowers and went right to work planting them in the flower beds. I think it is her way of showing her love and support. It's hard to know what to do and how to help.

It was time to go. Bill asked me to come along. We went together to the college, once again. One entrance was blocked due to construction. We took an alternate route.

Thankfully, the professors were very understanding and willing to provide accomodations. After some discussion, we collectively decided that Bill should only take half the classes offered each semester, even though it will take him twice as long to finish.

With some relief, Bill went to withdraw from one of the classes even though the time had officially expired. They tried anyway-- and it went through! This may seem like a coincidence, but I know it is one of the Lord's tender mercies we get from time to time.

Turns out alternate routes are ok.

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