May 29, 2008


School is out tomorrow. The kids can hardly contain themselves.

I wish I was as giddy as they are. I'm mentally preparing for a messier house, a bare pantry, and "I'm bored" vocalizations.

Mercedes will be on the Pocatello Swim Team just for the Summer; Mason starts flag football this week, and Hunter graduates from 2 years of PSR and weekly counseling. The boys will be taking more Speech and Occupational therapy, and to Ryder we add physical therapy and developmental therapy with those. We will manage to stay busy, I'm sure.

Bill works weekends now and goes to school full time. Who knows what's going on with him. I've just got to hang in there until mid-July, and then he can help out more when the Summer semester is over.

Hang on for the ride, I tell myself.


  1. I am dealing with TRYING to end our school year, but school never really ends for us! Things definitely change during the summer though and now that Memorial Day is gone I feel like we are there.

    I know how it is to have a busy husband! My husband and oldest son will be traveling a lot with go-kart racing. We don't coordinate our schedules together very much.

    I'm making an effort to schedule more things for my son with autism.. like t-ball, speech camp.

    I'll be"hanging on" like you too!

  2. Thanks for the validation about school being out and how difficult it can be. I think the first few days of Summer vacation are the hardest. After that, my brain is numb and I get am use to hearing "mom" uttered 500+ times every day. I am busy trying to find cheap things for the kids to do without using much gas. and trying to prevent disregulation and meltdowns. That's no small task!! The lack of structure is difficult for them. Try as I might, life just happens on some days.




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!