Dec 30, 2012


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 This Christmas would be very lean this year.  The longer I’m alive I realize how fast time passes especially when raising a family. I’ve also come to realize how stressful the holidays are-never mind the social anxiety and the changes in routine that upset the family balance-but a lot of the stress boils down to money.  Luckily, our kids are pretty happy with anything, but they also seem to understand our situation.  

Several days before Christmas, a dear friend I met via the internet, messaged me and asked how I was doing.  I am usually really guarded when people ask such a question, because, really, what can you say in passing, except, “Good, how are you?”   

But this friend  I knew, knew better.  She herself is a mother raising multiple children on the Autism Spectrum.  I knew I could really open up to her because she would understand and not judge.  And so I did.  And I felt better just getting my worries and concerns off my chest.

Several days later, I received a little package in the mail. It was from my sweet internet friend and her children. They had each sent a “pen pal” letter to each of our kids and included inside were some gift cards.
I am in awe and feel deep gratitude for my friend, who even though Christmas was lean for them as well, made the sacrifice of time, words and money for a family they never met. 

This is an example of a Christ-like love. This is what Christmas is all about and I intend to pay it forward.

Happy New Year, all.

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