Jul 1, 2010


Ryder has had over 30 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment dives. His very first day, after wrestling with him to leave the oxygen helmet on, he yelled, "PUT ME DOWN!" three times. We were all amazed and had never heard a three word sentence escape his lips before. Does he just need to get mad enough? Is that the secret: motivation?

After one week he began going number one and two in the toilet. He is able to sit by himself on a chair, or the potty without getting up. He is more interactive, which is also seen by his therapists. He now comes when I call him. He will put his hands down when I ask him to. Relunctantly, yes, because oh! How the sound of a cereal box spilling all over the floor thrills him!

His understanding is clearer.

He seemed to hit a plateau these last couple of weeks, and then just a week ago he started answering yes and no when I'd ask him a question. Of course, it is a whiney drawn out answer, "y-y-ea-h" and "Naahh", hey, but I'll take it. He's

I didn't expect this kind of success with HBOT. It's hard to keep my hopes up sometimes. I'm very enthused about his progress and hope it continues. Also, his tummy pain has lessened a lot. We used to give him Gas X at least everyday. Now, it's once a week.

It's truly amazing!! If only insurance companies realized how much this could help not only kids with Autism, but people with traumatic head injuries, Diabetes, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Macular Degeneration, chemical exposure, etc...it's all about big business, unfortunately.



Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!