Sep 17, 2009


For the Myers Family Reunion this year we went to a supposed "haunted" college, which used to be Albion Normal School back in 1901--a college that taught students to be teachers. It has been closed and boarded up since the 1960's. The town of Albion, Idaho has a population now of less than 200, so it is very strange to see these ominous buildings in the middle of nowhere. A family recently bought the place and they are now renovating it. The first building to be renovated is called Miller Hall. This used to be the men's dormitory. This building is available to rent out for family reunions. As a family, we saved up for a year to afford it--but we have a fairly small family (25 people). Plan to book it a year in advance!

Here is a link to their sight:

We had a lot of fun and we all walked away feeling like we needed more time to enjoy it because there is so much to do there. We stayed for two days (barely) and two nights.

Here are some photos:

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. There sad, but it's good to see the old buildings are still standing.

    I was on campus during the last year it was open. It was called Magic Valley Christian College, and it has always been a magical place for me.

    I met my first love that year. I can even see her dorm window in one of your pictures. We still email each other and talk about those innocent days. We have both been married for over thirty years, but to different people. That's okay, though, because we have some blessed memories.

    Thank you, again,

    Scott Harrison




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!