Dec 17, 2009


Santa came to visit the Idaho Autism Community Christmas party last week. I think Ryder knew it was Grandpa-otherwise why would he be so comfy with him? Last year he freaked out when he sat on Strange Santa's lap.

One of my favorite Christmas movies to watch is called Mixed Nuts. It is really funny and has an all-star cast. I never hear people talk about it, so either it's not as funny as I think...or...I'm just strange.

My thoughts are all over the place lately--trying to get ready for Christmas.

This morning I had to take Hunter to the doctor to get a piece of wheat stalk out of his throat that was stuck. Why would he eat wheat from a wall decoration? Well...It's all about the gluten that he craves. Our DAN doctor is going to love this story.

Speaking of our DAN doctor...Ryder had an appointment last week in SLC Utah with him and there is a new comprehensive test we can do. Yeah! Maybe now we can get some answers about what to do with his severe gut pain and inflamation.

I've been going with Bill to his therapies, Counseling and Speech. It's interesting to watch him try and think through abstract ideas. He REALLY struggles with his feelings. It's almost like he is a robot.

I learn something new everyday in this world I live in--this Autism world.

Happy Holidays everyone!



Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!