Jul 7, 2012

The Last Bedtime Story-a book review for special kids

 I wanted to share a really cute book that was written by Carol Gray, called The Last Bedtime Story that we read each night.  This is a great concept for a book! 

Have you ever read a story to you child only to end up reading book after book while your eyelids fight to stay open, but your little one requests more and more?

This book is the last book you read to your child, night after night.  For kids who thrive on routine and sameness, this is awesome. Your child will know that after this book is read, it is Zzzzzzzz time. No more requests for more stories.  It takes less than 60 seconds to read, and it has a rhythmic pace to it--like a lullaby. 

The author, Carol Gray is an award-winning teacher, author and speaker who majored in psychology and child development.  Her post graduate work focused on special education, where she would teach social concepts and skills to children.

You can find the book here:  http://store.fhautism.com/p-1245-the-last-bedtime-story-that-we-read-each-night.aspx

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