May 27, 2011


The waters were swirling around us threatening our vehicle.  We were adrift and the swift current took us further away from our familiar surroundings.  Ryder was in the back seat with the therapist while I tried to steer us to safety. 

 "I hate water".  I thought to myself.  "Why does it always have to be water?"

Suddenly the top of our vehicle blew off violently.  Ryder, my 7 year old boy with severe disabilities, fell into the turbulent waters.  The waters engulfed him and I could no longer see his red shirt.  I reached into the icy cold water after him.  I could feel him, but his body sunk deeper as I reached in. I said a quick prayer,
 "Heavenly Father, please help me!" 

 Immediately my hands  were cupped by God's giant, protective hands and together we lifted Ryder out of the swift current.  He wasn't breathing.  I quickly breathed into his mouth as I carried him to shore.  A rescue helicopter was waiting.  Ryder coughed and sputtered and came to, finally.  

When I woke from this nightmare, I was so glad that it was just that: a nightmare.  It left me feeling panicked and stressed but grateful at the same time.

I decided it was time to shake off that crazy nightmare and get ready for the day.  Halfway through my shower, I felt frustrated when I thought about the dream.  Why  didn't  I put Ryder down and administer CPR?  Being a former nurse, that is what I was trained to do. (Of course it's difficult to control your thought process while you are dreaming.) 

 I thought some more and suddenly it dawned on  me.  I was carrying Ryder, breathing life into him, while walking on the water trying to get to shore. 

 I need to have faith to get through these trials. Just as the Lord called out to Peter, to come unto Him, even though the wind was boisterous and the water deep. He would have to exercise faith over those turbulent waters until he reached his Savior. 

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