Apr 12, 2011

THE WAY I SEE IT, our experience with Temple Grandin

We were able to attend a dinner with Dr Temple Grandin at Idaho State University several weeks ago.  It was fun to watch people watch her.  They were mesmerized by her.  No, it wasn't her movie star good looks, but her ability to be there in the moment and not really be there.  

People casually glanced in her direction throughout the meal.  Some went up to meet her and ask for autographs and pictures.  She was very good about it, and probably so very used to it by now. 

I felt as if we were all staring at an animal in a cage, all scared to approach her.  One paparazzi (or paparazzo?) took pictures (I guess there is only one in Idaho) but only when Temple allowed.  She made it known when you could take a photo and when you couldn't, because of her sensory issues.

 After our meal concluded I got up the nerve to ask Temple for an autograph.  I brought with me some of her books that I already had. Bill sat next to her and I quickly took some pictures. 

At one point, Temple asked Bill, "So what do you do?"  It caught Bill by surprise and he was more nervous than I was, and all he could say was, "I don't know what I do."   

There was no reaction from Temple and I had wondered if she even heard him. 

I wanted so bad to just spill my guts right then and there and tell her about Bill, about him being diagnosed with Asperger's at age 35 and then having it changed to PDD-NOS at age 40. 

I wanted to tell her about our three boys that are also on the spectrum and our daughter who is supposedly neurotypical.

  I wanted to tell her that Bill is a good guy and all he needs is a good mentor and employer that understands and is willing to work with him. 

There was so much to say, but her eyes glossed over and she had that far away look, and I knew the moment was gone. 

Here are some pictures:  ( I am allergic to cameras, so no photo of me)

Temple's latest book is wonderful! I learn something new with each book she writes. 

She gets down to the REAL issues of autism, the ones parents, teachers, and individuals on the spectrum face every day. Temple offers helpful do’s and dont's, practical strategies, and try-it-now tips, all based on her “insider” perspective and a great deal of research.

These are just some of the specific topics Temple delves into:

  • How and Why People with Autism Think Differently
  • Economical Early Intervention Programs that Work
  • How Sensory Sensitivities Affect Learning
  • Behaviors Caused by a Disability vs. Just Bad Behaviors
  • Teaching People with Autism to Live in an Unpredictable World
  • Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine
  • Employment Ideas for Adults with Autism
  • And many more!
This revised and expanded edition contains revisions based on the most current autism research, as well as 14 additional articles including:
  • The Role of Genetics and Environmental Factors in Causing Autism
  • Understanding the Mind of a Nonverbal Person with Autism
  • Finding Mentors and Appropriate Colleges
  • And many more!
  • Click here for more info 

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