Oct 27, 2010


Last week, dear hubby and I attended Pocatello's Haunted History Tour. We also attended last year and learned some things that made an experience that happened to us make complete sense. And without further ado, I will tell you our "ghost" story that we shared with Southeastern Idaho's Paranormal Organization (SEIPO), in which they shared with the community during this year's Haunted History Tour. My name was not mentioned during the tour, but for you lucky readers, it is from yours truly.

Seven years ago, Mason was almost four years old. As a family we went to Ross Park in Pocatello, Idaho to a cousin's birthday party. All of the cousins were playing around in the lava rocks. Soon it was time for cake and ice cream. We called the kids, but could not find Mason. We searched, hollered, called, yelled, screamed, and looked high and low for him. All of us split up. No answer.

45 minutes had passed and I was in a panic. I felt like we had done everything we could. I started thinking the worst and decided it was time to call the police. But before I did, as a family, we offered a prayer and asked the Lord to help us find Mason.

Immediately after closing the prayer, someone turned around and spotted Mason sitting on a large rock only 20-30 feet away from us.

Our prayer was answered. I was so very grateful.

I was emotionally exhausted and decided to leave early. I gathered all four little kids into the car. (Our youngest was not quite one yet, and was not diagnosed with Autism yet; but we knew he had it). On the way home, I released some frustration toward Mason and blurted out lots of questions. "Where were you?" "Why didn't you come when we called?" "What happened?"

Mason, at the time, struggled with his speech. He only knew 3-4 word sentences and those were garbled words. He took Speech Therapy twice a week. This was before we knew he also had Autism.

Mason responded to my insistent questions in a quiet voice and used a word I had never heard him utter before. He said, "Indian helped".

I thought that was strange, so I tried to prompt him to tell me more, but of course, he didn't.

Later that evening I wrote about it in my journal.

Fast forward seven years and I learned that Ross Park was a semi-permanent camp for Native Americans a long time ago. There are even petroglyphs still in existence there today.

I thought about the story and the history of the place and about Mason and how I didn't even know he knew what an "Indian" was. Everything fell into place. Why not? I thought. Why wouldn't the Lord send a spirit who may already be around in the area to help a lost Autistic boy?

And that is our story. SEIPO interviewed me and it was a lot of fun especially around this time of year.

Stay tuned...I have another story about the local cemetery. :) I haven't been back since.


  1. That is AWESOME! I love stories like this. I absolutely believe in ghosts/spirits. It fits in perfectly with the gospel plan. What a special experience!

  2. VERY cool story! I love it. Thank goodness he was safe.

  3. Cool story, came over from Donna's blog (she recommended it!)




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