Nov 7, 2008


Today I wondered, will I ever miss the things that drive me crazy about my Aspie husband? Or will those memories be a source of comfort and happiness someday when I'm old and gray?

Will I miss Bill's 11 pens in his right pants pocket?
Will I miss his giant pickle jar filled with quarters devoted to the USA Today's weekly edition of basketball stats?
Will I miss his endless aches and pains?
Will I miss the methodical way that he eats fried chicken-crunching and nibling ever so slightly on the tiniest of bones?
Will I miss his growing collection of crossword puzzles with each page finished in pencil and the time it took to finish it highlighted at the top?
Will I miss his quest for descriptive details?
Will I miss the way he can't hear his alarm go off?
Will I miss his hourly (it seems) bathroom episodes?
Will I miss the quirky way he ties his shoes and matches his clothes like Cousin Eddy?

Will I miss all of the receipts, trinkets, ticket stubs, and fast food restaurant napkins he saves? Gag.

In the present, I would miss his help in changing Ryder's diapers.
I would miss his taking the garbage out.
I would miss his help with bathing the kids.
I would miss his staying up late "just in case one of the kids wakes up".
I would miss his cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night after Hunter or Ryder has a seizure. I would miss the candy bar he buys me every time he fills his car up with gas.
I would miss how he holds the door open for me even when it really isn't logical.
I would miss having a walking dictionary.

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