Aug 20, 2008

A Tell-Tale Sign

As we were driving back from therapy today, Hunter saw a horse in a field and asked, "Why do horses swat flies away with their tails?" Then he added, "Why does a fly want to go in a horse's bum anyway? If they like poop so much why can't they just wait until the horse 'goes' on the ground?"

Hunter is a talker. His mind goes a hundred miles an hour--sometimes so fast his mouth can't keep up and he stammers alot.

I tune him out a lot, and well, maybe I shouldn't. He's just so dang exhausting when he gets going. I don't have a lot of answers to the questions he asks. I need to teach him how to use Google.

I'm a little worried about him this Fall with going back to school. There aren't supposed to be a lot of changes to his class (there are eleven 3rd graders and eleven 4th graders) --except the teacher's daughter was just diagnosed with cancer so she won't be teaching this semester. I haven't told Hunter that he has a substitute yet. His hair has just grown back in, and I'm afraid he'll start up with the trichotillomania again because of the stress of starting school.

Have you ever known someone that seems to have bad luck all of the time? They are always in the wrong place at the wrong time...

What is the opposite of the Midas Touch? Hunter has it. So does his dad. Life is never boring around them.

I remember one time when Bill and I were first dating, his car broke down, it began to thunderstorm, a cop pulled over to help, gave Bill a ticket for having an expired license plate, and Bill got his trenchcoat stuck in the hood of the car all in less than 10 minutes.

A sign of things to come??

I wonder.

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