Aug 29, 2008

Ryder pooped out a penny the other day. He still has three cents left in him. I guess if we shook him real hard, they may come out. :D

School has begun finally. The kids were all keyed up and wired the day before. We rearranged bedrooms; put Mercedes downstairs and brought the boys up. It was a long day. It's been funny to watch Ryder lately. He keeps going into the bedrooms and looking around...trying to figure things out.

We had a FHE lesson on baptism for Mason (he'll be baptized on Sept. 6th) and we had these cards that spelled out the word B.A.P.T.I.S.M. We got to the 'M' and the kids were supposed to come up with the answer--a word that starts with the letter 'm' that has to do with baptism. The answer was "member". Hunter was raising his hand excitedly with the answer. We called on him and he said triumphantly, "the Moronic priesthood!" We all laughed so hard. Hunter thought we were laughing at him, and stormed off. We re-grouped, and explained why we were laughing. Then he understood. Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny.

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Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!