Jul 17, 2008

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Last week Ryder found a bottle of Elmer's glue and decided to partake. Bill and I were at the grocery store having our weekly "date" and when we came home we discovered the little dude had gotten glue all over him, happy as could be, until...fast forward 24 hours later...all heck broke loose. He was screaming, crying, angry,--you name it. He slept for only two hours that night; the rest of that time was spent on episodic bouts of moaning and crying. I hate feeling helpless as a parent. The culprit: Gluten. Elmer's glue has gluten in it.

That next morning at 4am we had to wake up Hunter and Ryder for their scheduled sleep-deprived EEG in Idaho Falls. Ryder, of course, didn't need waking up. What he did need was SLEEP and alot of it, but that was not going to happen. His EEG was cancelled but we were able to get Hunter's done.

After three days, Ryder is returning to "normal" and started having BM's again.

We are preparing for the inevitable gluten/casein free diet. I'm slowy taking away milk products and introducing Soymilk. It will be a big change for us. All of the boys need help with their tummies, so we will all participate. I sure hope it will be worth it.

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