Mar 7, 2012


Life keeps moving along.  There have been a lot of changes with us since I actually blogged on a personal note.  If I were to write everything down it would take way too long so here are some happenings in a nutshell.  Try a coconut shell. :)

1. I'm homeschooling the three oldest kids.  (Long story...)
2. I'm homeschooling.  What?!  I'm really homeschooling?  
3. I don't like it, but the alternative isn't good for our kids.  For right now.  
4. Please don't judge us.  I hate having to explain to people why.  How much time do you have?
5. Wish I had a housekeeper.
6. And a cook.
7. And a third hand and an all-seeing eye. The kids would think that was cool.
8. My brain is fried. (Insert William Shatner's voice here)  " for it)...fried." 
9. Our only daughter, age 16,  was diagnosed with PDD-NOS recently. 
10.  Time for lunch.  ...Now where is that cook?

The above photo is a reminder of a time of  bliss before Autism interrupted us.  I wouldn't change it, but sometimes it really does feel like a loss.  I grieve for what could have been on that path.  Now I just don't know what to expect for their future, but I'm trying.  As hard as I can.


  1. I still keep a photo on my wall that depicts life before I knew anything was amiss at our house. it's not coming down.

  2. Such cuties in that pic! I was just watching a video of Knox yesterday, before we got his diagnosis and I hear myself in the background saying, "I think everything's going to be ok from now on...." is a loss but we love our kiddos and we keep on keepin on. We've been homeschooling for 10 years and now, like you, we have to make a big 'change' and go to school away from home. Big changes are hard, either way. Blessings to you and your family and if you ever find a third hand, let me know where I can pick one up! :)




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!