Feb 24, 2011

MY FRIEND WITH AUTISM -written by Beverly Bishop

In this kid-friendly picture book, a young narrator explains how his friend with autism is different from other kids, while also pointing out his many strengths. This is a great book for teachers, families, therapists, or parents whose children know a child with autism.  I loved how each page explains a challenge that a child with autism has and what a "typical" child must do to help him out.  In the back of the book are notes for adults as well to help them understand what a child with autism may be experiencing through change, the senses, pretend play, quiet time, etc.  There is also a list of ten helpful strategies for helping an autistic child that would come in handy for anyone.

The author, Beverly Bishop wrote My Friend with Autism for the teachers and students in her son's elementary school class to help him fit in with his peers and to foster tolerance and understanding among her son's friends and classmates.  She is a teacher and her husband is the illustrator and an art teacher in public school for 30 years.

Over 20,000 copies of the first edition have been sold. This can also be a coloring book, too.  I highly recommend this book!   To order click here.
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  1. Very good book. I am using it for a paper in my masters program and would recommend it to anybody!




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!