Apr 21, 2009


Today we received all of the paperwork, diagnoses, and recommendations from the ISU students and professors. It took me an hour just to read through everything.

The psych professor just gave him the diagnosis of Severe Mental Retardation, like I mentioned before, but did not put anything in the paperwork about Autism. Shouldn't they look at our family history???

Both Bill and I disagree with this diagnosis, and after reviewing the documents, we believe the IQ test to be inconclusive. How can someone give an IQ test to a non-verbal child? How can you correctly evaluate a child in just two hours? We've had Ryder for 5 and a half years--they see him for 2 hours and decide a "diagnosis" that he will carry with him throughout his school years and throughout his life...

Something to take note of: If the schools use Severe MR as his "diagnosis" then THEY won't be held accountable if he doesn't learn anything in the school setting. They can just blame MR. The schools don't have to provide as many services, or invest as much effort with an MR diagnosis. We are going to ask for another evaluation, and get this one lifted.

Ok, so get this: Tonight, I was with the older boys at their special needs gymnastic class while Mercedes was downstairs at home, and Bill in the bathroom. Bill said he was watching Ryder up until the bathroom called. As soon as Bill turns his back, Ryder snuck into the kitchen, spied Hunter's birthday cake on top of the stove (it was pushed way back against the backsplash); pulled out the bottom drawer of the oven, stood on top of it, reached for the cake (he is NOT supposed to have because he is GFCF and he KNOWS IT) and he dug in and began devouring it with all of the happiness in the world. He craves gluten and can smell it a mile away! He got it all over the floor, his clothes, face, hands, etc. I wish I had a picture.

By the time I got home, Mercedes was cleaning up the mess and Bill was cleaning up Ryder. Ryder saw me and knew he was in trouble. He came right up to me with his hands outstretched wanting me to pick him up. He started whining and I talked with him about what had happened. He knew he was in trouble. I told him his tummy was going to hurt now. And sure enough...it did. He started having a lot of gas and pain. So tell me, does a Severely Mentally Retarded child figure out how to pull a drawer open, climb up and reach a forbidden item, then feel regret for what they did? I just don't get it.....Someone help me figure this out.

How do you explain all of the autistic characteristics, mannerism, behavior, etc.?

Whatever. I'm going to bed.


  1. I am so sorry.Joel and I had the same thing happen. I ver nationally renowned clinic here in Minneapolis diagnosed all of our children. The same team of neurophycologists diagnosed the four younger ones on the spectrum, and then they had another one eval our oldest. She cam eback saying she does NOT have Autism, just severe anxiety. That anxiety of causing her to ACT autistic. It did not matter that all of our other children were on the spectrum, and that I had Aspergers. She just had Anxiety that made her act as if she had Autism. I told her she was worng, and I disagreed completey. Then they started throwing around the "Dr." in front of her name. I told them I was not impressed, and they were wrong, and we had another eval done. She was found to have Aspergers. One good thing about having Aspergers - and the companionship of the Holy Ghost - you KNOW what is right, and you dont give a flying flip what anyone says. Sometimes it rocks!
    Follow your gut on ths one. Moms know!!!!

  2. You know your child better than any doctor or test. IQ tests are not accurate for very young children and certainly not for non-verbal kids. Trust your instinct and experience. Good luck!

  3. I have been fighting for our diagnosis for 2 years now. Everyone kept telling me he only had a A communications disorder, I knew the more I learned about autism. The more I knew that my son feel some were on the spectrum. Last Friday after a 2 year battle, we got our son's diagnosis. I found a Dr who listened to me and he helped me get things going in the right direction at our school. I know Heavenly Father will help you. Keep pushing through it will be worth the battle. We are our childs only Advocate, and as the mother we know what is best.

    Found you on mommy blogs.

  4. I cant agree more with the above comments; you KNOW you kid. Use your gut on this one...fight for what you believe..every time they tell me what my son wont do, i smile and say thank you. Then I go home and work my butt off to prove them wrong, so far, so good!!

  5. I tried commenting but there was an error so ignore this if the first comment goes through. Definately get a second opinion if you think they are not seeing your child the way you see him. They are not with them as much as you are. It is definately not easy to assess IQ when you are testing a non-verbal child.




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!