Feb 22, 2009


According to the boys' DAN dr, Ryder does have a metabolic disorder, and so do some other kids with autism. I've had several telephone appointments with Thoughtful House, and we are still in the gathering info stage. They want Ryder to be completely gfcfsf before his visit with them. (gluten free, casein free, soy free). We've done this three times, but always fall off the diet because of the cost, the inconvenience, the taste, etc. I'm trying to gear up again; get rid of all of the bad foods in the house and get Bill's 40th birthday out of the way this week so we can all start on March 1st. I cannot deny the last time we were on it that it helped with Ryder's tummy pain. The other boys, I'm not so sure. I have to take pics of Ryder's tummy and poop for the doctors, so I've been busying myself with that. I wish I could post some of his poop on here, because it is amazing to see how that could come out of just a little guy. But I won't. :D In the photos you can see his abdomen bloated. This is actually on a good day. It's usually alot worse than this.


  1. I hope this time around its easier to go free and get his diet working. Poor little tummy!

  2. LOL, I'll try again. I'm having issues posting today. ANYWAY, I hope everything gets figured out!! What is Thoughtful House?

  3. Best wishes on your endevour here with the diet! I hope it works...and good for you to summon up the strength it takes to give it a go! :)

  4. I also started the "diet" about 50 days ago. I just posted pictures of my son's changes they are remarkable!!




Ernie and Oscar learn they like different things-great for kids on the Spectrum!